[On-Demand Webinar] Smart Retailing: Improving Customer Experience With Real-Time Actionable Insight

Join us to learn more about delivering a Smart Retail store for your business. Retailers are working through lots of change due to millennial and digital native customers wanting more in their shopping experience. Retailers need insights to determine merchandise mix, optimal footprint for stores, improving path to purchase to optimize conversion. So how do retailers gain the insight they need to deliver an awesome experience, improve loyalty and deliver the right experience across all channels? By creating an Intelligent environment that allows them to understand what’s happening with customers and store associates and take action to improve that process as it happens.


Current is excited to share not only our view of Intelligent Environments that supports sensor and other IOT data integration but how our partner Motionloft is delivering additional insights through their video and analytics solution. Understand how Motionloft delivers value both inside and outside the retail store to truly understand your customers and improve business performance.