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  • On the List: Ingredients for energy savings, illumination solutions and intuitive ideas for grocery

    More efficiency. Added safety. Enhanced controls. Better customer experiences. Better for business. Aisle after aisle. Store after store.


    LED lighting and advanced controls have been proven to bring a range of benefits to many types of environments. This reference guide discusses the basics of LED and lighting controls technology and how it can be…

  • The experts over in Lamps and Tubes provide a Q1 2021 update on the latest products and what’s coming next. This will include a look at the new portfolio additions, selling tools and more.

  • In just 30 minutes, this webinar covers how to make a smarter, safer switch from HID with our new LED Hazardous Location Lamps and how the XL Type B Double-Ended Tube reduces maintenance with greater efficiency and a longer life span. You’ll also…


    Property planners at GE's headquarters wanted to redesign 163,000 square feet of office space to be more appealing to potential new hires, more comfortable to GE employees, and more…