[On-Demand Webinar] Banking on Energy Savings: How AllSites Can Help Banks Achieve Sustainability Goals

Energy savings are among the first gains you should expect from transforming your bank into the branch of the future. But not all energy management systems are the same.


AllSites is Current’s NEW multi-branch controls and energy management system. Built by facility experts – it allows enterprises to unify, analyze, and control your building systems across thousands of branches. AllSites, along with the Daintree Enterprise sensors and controls is the best first step toward building your branch of the future. With just LED + AllSites you can save 70% on your lighting bill, the savings are even greater when AllSites optimizes your HVAC and other building systems. Not all energy management systems are the same, as you are looking at what you should consider in your bank branch upgrades, you should look for something that is open, scalable, and secure. AllSites is ready to be a part of your transformation to being the bank of the future.