The ABC’s of High Bay Lighting



They say less is sometimes more, and we at Current completely agree: Our fixtures use less energy, while producing more light.


That’s the reason why many industrial lighting designers turn to GE Current, a Daintree company for their lighting needs. We are experts in that arena and can guide you beyond the fundamentals of LED lighting. For example, did you know that, along with reducing maintenance and energy compared to conventional HID and fluorescent lighting systems, high bay LEDs deliver better light distribution, stronger visual acuity, more color consistency and allow for optimal control? All the while using less wattage and energy? It makes saving time and money as easy as A-B-C.


Finding the Right High Bay Light


Current’s high bay LED industrial lighting fixtures make workspaces safer and more productive, all the while using less energy. High bay lighting is meant for applications of 20 feet or more, and can be used in recreation centers, warehouses, plane hangars and maintenance facilities.


As one of our premier high bay lighting solutions, the Albeo ABC1 LED Series luminaire is a unique combination of great value, size and performance. Designed for high bay applications in both industrial and commercial buildings, the fixtures are built to replace traditional HID and HIF lighting, and bring an unmatched level of reliability, quality and price.


ABC1 LEDs can also be used to illuminate gymnasiums, sports arenas and even your local Walmart. You may not look up and notice our lighting fixtures when you go to the gym or shop for groceries, but they are there and making a visible difference.


So you know you need high bay lighting fixtures. The next question you ask may be, “Why use the ABC1 Series?” Albeo ABC LEDs are competitively priced, industry certified, contractor focused, and have a much lower maintenance cost than most lighting fixtures. With a compact design that makes installation easy, a lifespan of over 100,000 hours, and a five-year limited system warranty, the Albeo ABC1 LED Series luminaire is a contractor-grade fixture built to last. Not only are you saving on energy and money, you are also investing in a lighting fixture that can go the distance, with little to no maintenance along the way. Simply put, you only need to change these LED lights once.


Driving Energy Efficiency


Don’t just take our word for it. Since 2017, General Motors has installed over 50,000 Albeo LED lighting fixtures from Current in 45 of their global locations. These LEDs replaced the roughly 80,000 traditional lighting sources the automotive company had been using previously. The fixtures gave GM a variety of light pattern options to match their production and warehouse environments, and could be paired with motion sensors, daylight-harvesting capabilities and wireless controls to make saving energy and lowering costs easier.


One of the reasons General Motors chose Current’s Albeo fixtures is because they don’t contain silicone components. Why is that important? In a highly sensitive production environment like GM’s, silicone parts can release chemicals that cause paint to bleed and bubble—not exactly the safe working environment GM aims for. That’s why partnering with Current made so much sense. Since installing the Albeo ABC lights, GM has saved over $2 million annually. Energy savings like that are hard to beat.


Albeo ABC1 lights can add a new level of reliability and quality to your lighting plan while providing substantial energy savings. Learn more about these energy-saving and long-lasting fixtures today.