Partner Profile: Zaphod

Gain real-time actionable insights and take control of urban mobility.


Zaphod Partner Profile


Zaphod and Current, team up to provide real-time actionable insights allowing the control of urban mobility with a completely integrated solution.


Who Is Zaphod?

Zaphod’s Mobility As A Service (MAAS) allows companies and cities to manage transit resources more efficiently, whilst optimizing asset utilization, resulting in solutions ranging from smart parking, traffic management, transit optimization, and autonomous ridesharing services.


Zaphod + Current:

Our Mobility As A Service (MAAS) uses Current embedded sensors and Zaphod’s state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning to provide real-time actionable insights into the complex transportation operations that occur in our cities every day. Core features of our Mobility As A Service (MAAS) include:

  • Real-time high definition maps for autonomous vehicles
  • Smart parking
  • Real-time traffic analytics
  • Real-time retail analytics
  • Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) for Air taxis and drones
  • 3D spatial mapping of shops and buildings