Partner Profile: TrackVia

Real-Time Visibility and Control


Trackvia Partners with Current


TrackVia's next-generation low-code platform empowers stores to rapidly configure modern web and mobile apps to better track, monitor and streamline critical operational processes. Reduce costs and streamline processes with real-time, accurate data at your fingertips. 


Who is TrackVia?

TrackVia is the #1 low-code application platform in the cloud that specializes in streamlining and mobilizing critical operational processes and workflows. TrackVia allows businesses to rapidly create custom web and native mobile applications like asset workorder management. These applications unite executives, managers and workers with all their data, processes, and collaboration in one environment accessible on any device. Founded in 2006, TrackVia is headquartered in Denver.


TrackVia + Current

TrackVia is partnering with Current’s Intelligent Environment platform to ingest a variety of data types including: light level, temperature, and occupancy. TrackVia's platform empowers employees to identify building asset problems in real time and extends greater control for facilities managers to automate critical workorders and workflows in building and asset maintenance.


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