Partner Profile: Soofa

Smart Urban Furniture; Loved by People, Demanded by Cities.


Soofa Partners with Current

Make your city connected and responsive with a plug and play solution that activates outdoor environments, informs and engages citizens, and generates actionable.


Who is Soofa?


Soofa connects city infrastructure to the Internet. Beautifully designed and intuitive to use, everyday city objects are turned into smart urban furniture solutions embedded with electronics that benefit the public and gather meaningful data. Soofa was founded by a team of female engineers and designers from Harvard and MIT. Their flagship product, the Soofa Bench, was piloted with the City of Boston in 2014 in partnership with the New Urban Mechanics. Based on the product's success, Soofa Benches have been installed in 21 U.S. states and over 65 cities globally. The Soofa Sign, the company's second product, was launched in Boston and Cambridge in the fall of 2016 and will expand to select cities in 2017. Soofa makes smart plug & play solutions for public spaces to make the city of tomorrow, today.


Soofa + Current


Soofa's sensors, powered completely by solar energy, measure pedestrian activity in public spaces. This data is used by cities of all sizes to drive capital improvement plans, event planning decisions, urban design projects, maintenance scheduling, and much more. When paired with real-time data from the ubiquitous lighting infrastructure enabled by Current’s CityIQ intelligent nodes, cities get unparalleled insight into how public spaces like downtown cores, parks, and neighborhood streets are used by pedestrians. With Soofa, cities can visualize this combined data set through standard reports, an online dashboard, and custom reports based on the questions they would like to answer with data.


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