Partner Profile: ParkiFi

Real-Time Parking Availability Using Sensors and Cameras.


Parkifi partners with Current

ParkiFi offers drivers and parking operators a hassle-free, convenient way to deal with parking.


Who is ParkiFi?


ParkiFi is a powerful, real-time parking finder and navigation app that responds to a critical insight about downtown traffic. Approximately one out of every three cars on the road is actively looking for a parking spot. Finding that spot takes an average of fifteen minutes of avoidable driving. ParkiFi takes the stress of parking out of people's lives and reduces the environmental impact of driving, but enabling them to just park. With the ParkiFi app for iOS and Android, users simply input an address into the real-time parking map, and the app's parking spot finder directs them to open parking spots.


ParkiFi + Current


ParkiFi develops open-platform software, hardware, and cloud-based services. ParkiFi will use real-time camera parking data from Current’s CityIQ intelligent nodes to direct drivers to open parking spaces, reduce city traffic, and reduce time spent looking for an open parking space. These benefits helps lower stress for city citizens and allow city officials to monitor real-time parking movement within a city. 


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