Partner Profile: Optimum Energy

HVAC Optimization and System Design.


Optimum Energy partners with Current


Patented software and engineering expertise help reduce energy use in heating and cooling systems, the largest consumer of energy in buildings, by up to 50%.


Who is Optimum Energy?


Since 2005, Optimum Energy has helped customers in Fortune 500 companies, top universities, government facilities and others significantly reduce their HVAC energy use, delivering energy savings of  up to 50 percent, improved operating efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. The OptiCx™ platform combines technologically advanced HVAC optimization software with world-class expertise in system design and operations. It has saved customers more than 500 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, 288,000 tons of carbon emissions, and over 100 million gallons of water to date.


Optimum Energy + Current


Optimum Energy’s OptiCx platform dramatically reduces HVAC energy usage without sacrificing occupant comfort. By partnering with Current, the OptiCx platform will be able to receive highly granular occupancy and temperature data that will give Optimum Energy a better understanding of actual building energy usage and allow Optimum Energy to further improve comfort and savings.


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