Partner Profile: IPsens

Integrating Data to Optimize Parking Operations.


IPsens is partnering with Current


Who is IPsens?


IPsens offers a comprehensive parking data management solution designed to comply with open systems data protocols, allowing the customer control of their systems and data while offering the maximum integration possibilities with new or existing third party data systems. Founded in 1975, IPsens brings over three decades of experience in designing and implementing integrated parking management solutions, starting with the development of the first integrated on-street parking revenue and enforcement solutions for the world's largest parking meter manufacturer in the early 1990's.


IPsens+ Current


IPsens Parking Management Solution combined with real-time data from a ubiquitous lighting infrastructure enabled by Current's CityIQ intelligent nodes form a comprehensive network of data coverage for vehicle occupancy data collection. The inclusion of data streamed by Current, allows IPsens the ability to consolidate crucial parking data information across several hardware platforms allowing the user to significantly optimize its on-street infrastructure.


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