Partner Profile: inStream

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Who is inStream?


As a leader in on-receipt marketing, inStream’s SmartConnect Receipts platform transforms everyday shopping trips into powerful, immediate shopper connections based on individual purchase and affinity data. Our solution delivers real-time, targeted advertising digitally and via the front of point-of-sale shopper receipts, where eye-catching graphics grow brand awareness, sales, and loyalty while driving the consumer’s next trip. In addition, third-party advertising can provide a new revenue stream. inStream’s retailer network features value channel leaders Dollar General, Family Dollar and Fred’s Pharmacy, through which we deliver 90 million targeted ads each week to more than 50 million shoppers across 22,000 locations nationwide.


inStream + Current


The partnership between inStream and Current, delivers robust shopper insights by merging mapping data from sensors in Current’s intelligent lighting system with inStream’s shopper and purchase data. The sensor data provided by Current delivers new ad triggers based on the consumer’s in-store journey. These are combined with the flexible basket targeting capabilities of inStream’s SmartConnect Receipts. The solution seamlessly integrates with point-of-sale and other retailer systems to analyze each customer’s trip and transaction details and deliver real-time, relevant, messages on the printed or electronic receipt. The combination of data provides valuable insights to help retailers and advertisers increase value and loyalty; drive store-specific incremental sales; create more effective campaigns to reach strategic goals; and increase ROI.



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