Partner Profile: Downtown.AI

Downtown.AI map image

Downtown.AI and Current, team up to provide accurate mapping of the Real Time and Predicted cars and pedestrian traffic in cities. This enables cities to optimize transportation and better manage emergency situations.


Who Is Downtown.AI?

Downtown.AI leverages machine learning to predict the Human Landscape in cities. The company predicts cars, public transportation and foot traffic patterns for the coming hours, weeks and even months ahead. Downtown.AI generates predictions based on accurate mobile location data, sensors, weather patterns and other data sources. Using Downtown.AI’s predictions, businesses can forecast customer demand to increase revenues. Autonomous cars can improve navigation and awareness to pedestrians. Cities can predict flow of commuters to optimize transportation solutions, reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. To better manage emergency situations and better locate assets (AV charging point, public transpiration stations and more).


Downtown.AI + Current

The Human Landscape Real Time visualization and Predictions developed by Downtown.AI and Current enables cities to optimize transportation in cities.


Real-time data from Current's CityIQ intelligent nodes add a game-changing component to Downtown.AI’s ability to predict and analyze human movements. With Current’s real time data the joint service enables cities to gain refined predictions along with the ability to manage in real time transportation, crowds and emergencies.


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