Partner Profile: Derq

Predicting car crashes. Saving lives.


Derq Crossing intersection photo

Derq’s AI-based software uses roadside sensors to predict the intentions and pathways of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and scooters. Derq then uses communications technologies to warn vehicles with enough time to help prevent crashes.


Who is Derq:

1.3 Million lives and $2 Trillion are lost due to crashes each year. Derq an MIT spin-off and Techstars Mobility alum, uses AI and V2X technology to predict and prevent crashes, saving lives, and helps cities derive real-time insights from the vast amounts of roadway data. Derq deploys its patented AI algorithms on roadside sensors to predict the intentions and pathways of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and scooters, and uses active safety and communications technologies (e.g. V2X) to warn drivers with enough time to preempt crashes (2+ seconds). In addition to driving safety, Derq provides road authorities with advanced insights on road usage, understanding of why crashes happen, and real time assessments of roadway risk.


Derq applications are road-tested in contracts and deployments with Dubai & Michigan road authorities, and were internationally recognized as the "ITS Product of the Year" by Gulf Traffic (2018) and as a finalist for the "Best of ITS" by ITS America.


Derq + Current:

Derq applies its proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms to the CityIQ intelligent nodes' traffic and pedestrian data feeds to detect, classify, track, and predict the intentions of all road users within a roadway. Derq's intelligence and analytics provide deeper context on road usage and vehicle paths, analysis of where and why crashes or near-misses occur, and ongoing monitoring of road risk. This helps road authorities and autonomous shuttles plan transit routes, manage traffic, and proactively manage risk to prevent future crashes, reduce congestion, and ultimately save lives. If a crash is detected, Derq can notify traffic management centers and first responders to provide context and details of the crash.


Where available, Derq works with cities to fuse this information with additional roadside sensors and/or roadside communications devices (DSRC or C-V2X) to drive active safety by predicting and preventing crashes. Alerts are broadcast to connected or autonomous vehicles or roadside displays to prevent collisions before they happen. Derq and Current are working to embed Derq's AI on the CityIQ nodes as an upcoming feature.


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