Partner Profile: Cityzenith

The Big Data Visulization Platform for Smart Cities.

Cityzenith Partners with Current


Who is Cityzenith?


Cityzenith’s award-winning 5D Smart World™ data platform empowers users with a simple way to make sense of the torrent of Big Data in our cities, campuses, and buildings today, revolutionizing the way we access, understand, and utilize building and infrastructure information. 5D Smart World™’s cutting edge architecture features an easy-to-use, interactive 3D geospatial interface powered by a high-performance game engine with advanced data query, search, and analytics capabilities. Users point, click, and swipe their way around a virtual 5D Smart City™ model rich with contextual data, aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing millions of data points—from building energy reports to IoT sensor feeds—in a way they can immediately understand in just seconds. Unique in its ability to accommodate both spatial (3D) and non-spatial data in real-time, 5D Smart World™ empowers users with a way to repurpose their existing investments in BIM and other tools to better monitor, manage, analyze, visualize, and report building information over the entire lifecycle of their building projects.


Cityzenith + Current


Cityzenith provides a web-based, Software-as-a-Service solution to customers empowering them with the ability to access and analyze dozens and hundreds of curated and geocoded data sets in cities all over the world. Combined with Current's CityIQ data streams for intelligent cities, real-time sensor data intelligence can be easily incorporated into their workflow via 5D Smart World™ providing a compelling and disruptive impact on how professionals assess, plan, design, build, and operate buildings, over the entire lifecycle of a city, campus, or building.   


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