Partner Profile: BuildingIQ

Balanced Energy, Comfort, and Operational Efficiency.


Who is BuildingIQ?


BuildingIQ helps building owners and operators worldwide lower energy use, increase building operations efficiency, and improve tenant comfort. The company’s solutions are built on the 5i energy intelligence platform comprised of five pillars: data capture and analysis, modeling, measure & verify, control, and human expertise. This unique approach results in a better Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled building – one powered by modeling and machine learning, yet tempered by human insight. BuildingIQ can also provide closed-loop control of key points within the building to provide 24/7, real-time tuning and balancing of energy consumption and comfort delivery that is virtually impossible to achieve with a BMS alone.



BuildingIQ + Current



BuildingIQ’s Predictive Energy Optimization™ and Demand Response services provide seamless and real-time 24/7 energy efficiency and demand response. Coupled with Current's solar and intelligent lighting infrastructure, a truly responsive building is possible. Instead of demand response being governed solely by utility signals, buildings with BuildingIQ can analyze local data in real time from Current's intelligent infrastructure to choose the appropriate mix of generation to minimize energy use while ensuring comfort & productivity. A BuildingIQ + Current solution means customers will have autonomous, adaptive energy efficiency, comfort at all times, and buildings that react its needs while contributing to its intelligence.


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