It's a Time for Renewal

Buildings in sunlight


Brian Vaughn, P.E., is a Senior Digital Solution Engineer at Current. This article was originally posted on LinkedIn on April 12, 2019. You can connect with Brian on LinkedIn and see his original post here.


Spring is here, grass is coming back, flowers are popping up, and you are getting re-acquainted with your long-lost neighbors you haven't seen since October. For us at Current it is also a new start. We kicked off this month as a new company within the portfolio of American Industrial Partners. I couldn't be more excited. I'm just going to go out and say it. I love the smart building industry—frustrated, but head over heels in love. I seriously get excited about how great lighting improves someone's experience within a space. I dream about well-designed open office spaces even though my career goal has always been to get four walls and a door. I live for the opportunities to talk with customers about how technology can enhance people's day to day. There is nothing cooler than "stuff" automatically happening that makes my life easier.


Wait, what was that part about being frustrated? I am. We as an industry are not making this easy for customers. We are constantly throwing out new technologies before existing ones grab hold. We have closed end-to-end point solutions, making the decision to act much harder. Companies sell what they can do rather than what they do do. We create uncertainty, which makes it hard to say yes.


So why am I excited about this time of renewal? Well, this new company is coming out of the gate with some great proven technologies that have a new life. We bring with us some of the most efficient LED fixtures with high-quality components that will last. Spaces lit with our fixtures feel good and endure. We also have our Daintree platform with a wireless mesh network that leverages a proven, open, and interoperable standard. We have taken our decade old wireless sensor and found new ways to deploy it, like hotel desk monitoring. It is very cost-effective and has a proven track record. We added capabilities like people counting to our Zigbee family of sensors. The new generation of Daintree nodes are being enabled with BLE so your RTLS providers have a dense coverage of always-powered beacons to deliver better indoor positioning experiences. We have developed Daintree One and EZ Connect so intelligent nodes can be deployed in standalone solutions and later networked to enable smart building uses cases when the time is right. Our platform works great for everything from small buildings to big buildings, retrofits to new construction.


So for me, this is why I am here and why I am excited for this time of renewal. We have a great foundation of technology to offer and a new outlook on innovation. I can't wait to help make it easier for customers to get excited about smart building spaces.


As spring blooms, what are you hoping to see grow out of the smart building industry?

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