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Dive Deeper into Retail IoT Solutions

Is your store infrastructure prepared? Now is the time to outfit your facility with technology that will improve operations today while still preparing for the innovations of tomorrow.



More than ever, food retailers need to find solutions that maximize efficiencies without affecting the customer experience. Current enables chain-wide visibility and management of energy usage, allowing food retailers to reduce operating costs while delivering fresh and frozen products with complete confidence.





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Competing in the New Age of Retail: How Grocers Can Win




Lighting the way to smart supermarkets

We help grocers by delivering intelligent LED lighting solutions that can save 50 percent in energy costs and improve merchandise presentation. Leveraging a wireless mesh network across the store, sensors inside of fixtures capture, analyze at the edge, and communicate data that can drive operational excellence and greater shopper engagement.

1.5 million

LED fixtures installed in 6,000
Walmart stores saving $100 million

Imagine network-wide control

The AllSites™ Energy Management solution from Current delivers an IoT platform that unifies your building management including HVAC, lighting, and solar—providing chain-wide visibility of energy use and proactively alerting you to maintenance needs.

Open, scalable and secure, AllSites can be deployed across thousands of sites, saving you time while your stores save money.


items* stocked at a typical supermarket. Help shoppers discover more choices using intelligent infrastructure
*Source: Food Marketing Institute

Leverage IoT for Cold Chain Management

Current partnered with IMS Evolve to deliver an integrated solution for cold chain management. Combining Current’s Daintree lighting control and sensor data aggregation capabilities with IMS Evolve’s ability to integrate with existing energy, supply chain, and merchandising systems provides retailers an innovative IoT solution that improves food quality, enhances the customer experience, and increases profits.


Average reduction in refrigerated stock loss.

Refrigeration is the heartbeat of the whole store—one lesson we learned is LEDs really like the cold. The lighting is superior to what we had.

Eric Johnson, Director of Store Planning and Efficiency for Brookshire Brothers

4 Steps to Smarter Stores

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Start with our energy assessment

Current offers a discovery workshop for food retailers ready to transform their energy usage. We’ll gather data and understand your success metrics to deliver a pilot plan customized to your specific goals.


Let's build a smarter supermarket together.