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Current combines best-in-class LED lighting with our Daintree sensors and controls to create the highly efficient and effective bank of the future. Our energy management software uses analytics to create insights that can improve your banks’ overall business performance.

4 Steps to Building the Branch of the Future

  • Make the Switch to LED

    LED is the core energy-saving technology and foundation of your infrastructure. Since LED lighting is located throughout the interior and exterior of the bank branch, it provides the perfect opportunity to deploy a sensor-enabled environment.

  • Sensors & Controls

    LED fixtures using Daintree wireless sensors and controls complete the digital infrastructure and unlock even further energy savings. Networked sensors collect data that helps optimize your energy use, gain further productivity from your employees, and enhance customer experience.

  • Energy Management Software

    Combine disparate systems across a fleet of branches into a secure, single-source platform using our AllSites™ energy management platform. Monitor real-time energy usage to ensure that your branches are operating effectively and efficiently.

  • Applications & Partners

    Solutions from our ecosystem of IIoT partners enhance savings with techniques like daylight harvesting, zone control, and heat and cooling set points. Automatically manage demand and load with built-in demand response capabilities (OpenADR) and proactively schedule load shedding when utility costs are high.

Turnkey Services

  • Speed to savings
  • Ability to execute on global scale
  • Existing and experienced internal resources to manage program
  • Reduce execution risk with tested partner
  • Manage rebates
  • Standardize portfolio, meet code, improve lighting
  • Much more...
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