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LIGHTFAIR International 2019, the world's largest annual architectural and commercial lighting tradeshow and conference, was held in Philadelphia, PA, May 21-23 where we featured our Intelligent Environments including our award-winning GE LED fixtures, lamps and lighting controls, and our AllSites™ energy management solution.


Smart Cities Workshop

HELD: May 21, 2019 from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
WHERE: Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St

Current by GE brought together leaders from municipalities and utilities who are considering smart lighting and/or smart city deployment to share experiences, lessons learned and gain an understanding in the following topics:

⚬ Key considerations of a smart lighting deployment
⚬ Understanding the difference between smart lighting and smart cities
⚬ Determining what is suitable for your city
⚬ Case studies of a smart city deployment
⚬ Procurement and business models for accelerating smart city adoption




Our Featured Product Portfolio

Current, powered by GE combines advanced LED lighting with networked sensors and software to make your outdoor and indoor environments more energy efficient and productive.

ge evolve led outdoor lighting fixtures on building ge evolve led outdoor lighting fixtures on building

Evolve™ LED for Outdoor
Commercial Property

Current by GE is a world leader in the innovation, design, production and application of energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. Our Evolve™ product line provides solutions that are engineered to optimize lighting performance in commercial outdoor applications such as area, site, flood, canopy, and garage. Designed and assembled in the USA, our outdoor luminaires improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and decrease energy usage.

Featured Products:
⇢ Evolve Canopy LED Petro Light - ECLP
⇢ Evolve LED Compact Low Wattage Area Light – EACL


Evolve™ LED
for Roadway

GE’s Evolve™ Roadway products offer a wide selection of efficient, reliable, and innovative lighting solutions for utilities, municipalities, and energy service companies. Our roadway luminaires feature a wide selection of styles and advanced optical designs to meet the diverse needs of new construction and retrofit projects for streets, parks, expressways, and highway interchanges. GE LightGrid outdoor wireless control systems further enhance efficiency and performance by allowing for remote operation and monitoring of all fixtures through a web-enabled central management system.

Featured Products:
⇢ Evolve Roadway LED Compact Cobra Head - ERLC
⇢ Evolve Roadway LED High Mast Light Gen 02 - ERHM02
⇢ LightGrid Outdoor Wireless Control System (New CATM Point to Point Version)

ge evolve led streetlights illuminating a roadway ge evolve led streetlights illuminating a roadway
ge indoor led lighting in office setting ge indoor led lighting in office setting
man using predix on tablet man using predix on tablet

Lumination™ LED
for Indoor

GE Lumination™ LED luminaires provide the styling, efficiency and performance you desire. Current by GE now offers Lumination fixtures with integrated Daintree wireless sensorsWhether you’re driven by return on investment or looking for a feature-rich system for smart building applications, Daintree meets your needs.

Lumination fixtures with reveal® TriGain™ make colors and patterns appear more vivid. Now retail and commercial lighting designers don’t have to choose between optimal color rendering and outstanding energy efficiency.

GE Disinfection Light


Lumination™ LED
RPL Series

The RPL Series LED Recessed Refit kits bring a smooth uniform look to any drop ceiling landscape. By providing high uniformity, excellent efficiency, reduced glare and fast installation time, The RPL eliminates the need to go into a dust filled ceiling making it the ideal LED solution for any commercial office, retail, education, healthcare and general lighting applications.

Achieve Additional efficiency by adding Daintree Wireless Lighting Controls.

lumination led rpl series lumination led rpl series
lumination led lal series lumination led lal series

Lumination™ LED
LAL Series 2nd Gen

The new LAL series comes with reveal® TriGain™ technology, designed to be flawlessly integrated into any commercial application via suspended or recessed options. The series can be suspended/recessed individually or in continuous rows. The Architectural Linear platform offers long life and high efficiency to minimize operating and maintenance costs along with delivering enhanced CRI and R9 without sacrificing efficiency.

Achieve Additional efficiency by adding Daintree Wireless Lighting Controls.

GE Lumination LED LAL Family


Lumination™ LED
LUR Series 2nd Gen

LUR2 Series retrofit kits are designed to offer lighting designers a high performance retrofit solution with excellent efficacy, reliability and quality of light matched with the Daintree Enterprise wireless dimming solution for fully independent control of all luminaire. Equipped with integrated electrical connections for continuous rows the LUR2 series offers unparalleled speed of installation.

Achieve Additional efficiency by adding Daintree Wireless Lighting Controls.

lumination led lur series lumination led lur series
ge albeo industrial led fixtures ge albeo industrial led fixtures

Albeo™ LED
for High & Low Bay

Current by GE offers a comprehensive portfolio of Albeo™ industrial high and low bay lighting solutions to help enhance environments and improve energy efficiency. The new Made in the USA ABV3 LED Luminaire packs over 200 LPW and is available in quick ship eligible configurations. Discover the impact products like these can make throughout your facility.

Achieve additional efficiency by adding Daintree Wireless Lighting Controls.

Featured Products:
⇢ Albeo LED Luminaire – ABV3
⇢ Albeo LED Linear Fixture – ALC6
⇢ Albeo LED Linear Fixture – ALR2
⇢ Albeo LED High Bay Fixture - ABN1 (coming soon)


LED Replacement Lamp
for 1000W HID

Current’s complete portfolio of LED HID replacement lamps provides versatile options for industrial, warehouse, and outdoor lighting retrofit projects. With a majority of U.S. industrial facilities still relying on traditional HID lamp technology, Current’s new LED replacement for 1000W HID lamps can drastically cut lighting energy consumption, yielding millions of dollars in savings.

Why switch to Current's LED HID replacement lamps?

1000W HID Replacement LED Fixtures 1000W HID Replacement LED Fixtures
led tube lighting in office environment led tube lighting in office environment

Double Ended Ballast
Bypass (Type B) LED Tube

LED Tubes designed to bypass the existing ballast remove compatibility issues and eliminate maintenance costs associated with ballast replacements, making them the simplest total LED replacement system. Current, powered by GE is the only manufacturer to also incorporate three independent safety features into its UL Type B Double Ended lamp system design to provide optimal protection to both installers and end users.

Current Type B Double Ended LED Tube Safety Features


Arize™ LED
for Horticulture

GE Arize is a solution set designed to better enable your business and crop to grow. Engineered for greenhouses, indoor and vertical farming operations, these solutions provide optimal colors on the spectrum to help flourish tissue cultures, better control flowering, and optimize overall growth. In addition to being tailored specifically to plant growing operations, these solutions provide all the benefits of LED technology including longer product life, energy savings, and lower maintenance. Furthermore, they are designed for easy installation and flexibility, allowing you to place the light where you need it.

led horticulture lighting led horticulture lighting

Digital Solutions

  • The Daintree Enterprise provides feature-rich commercial lighting control for LED lighting products, as well as programmable thermostat automation, plug-load control, and control of many other sensors and devices. Using Daintree Enterprise gives users greater energy efficiency, improved occupant comfort and productivity. Daintree Enterprises also forms the basis for a smart building IoT solution by enabling data collection across your space for additional solution development via Current’s ISV Partner Ecosystem.

  • AllSites is Current’s unified controls and energy management application designed by energy management experts to transform how companies approach multi-site energy management. Built on our Intelligent Environment Platform (IEP), AllSites consolidates heterogeneous building management systems into an easy-to use dashboard, enabling enterprises to deploy new controls or integrate with existing, disparate building automation systems to oversee thousands of sites, saving you time while your sites save energy.

  • Current’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Ecosystem is comprised of best-in-class application providers with deep domain knowledge to solve a broad spectrum of industry pain points. Our ISV Partners leverage the same data that Current uses for its energy management applications, creating a cost-effective IoT platform from a single infrastructure investment. With over 125 ISV partners, types of solutions offered include: space utilization for real estate planning, shopper tracking for improved retail engagements, and conference room management for employee productivity.


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