Current Launches Next Gen Indoor Vertical LED Fixture: Arize Life2

Meet the Arize Life², the next generation indoor vertical farming fixture from GE Current, a Daintree company.

Designed for multi-layer leafy green, microgreen and propagation applications, the Life² builds on the success of the first generation, providing more light, spectra, and flexibility than ever before. Here’s what is new with the dimmable Arize Life².

9 Spectra.

The Life² features four all-new spectra: two broad spectrum options, BRI and BRV, for versatility in any growing environment, along with two far red spectra, PPF and PFK, which encourage a stretching and expansion response.

Better Uniformity.

Optical design improvements widen distribution by 6°, while the new side connector extends the useable lighting surface by 2.5 inches, improving edge uniformity at canopy level.

More Efficient.

At up to 3.2 μmol/J, the Life² is up to 15% more efficient than its predecessor.

Longer Lifespan.

With a 54,000-hour L90, the Life² features a 50% longer lifetime than the previous generation.

Increased Flexibility.

Finally, we redesigned the connector on the Life², which not only increases the useable lighting surface, but when coupled with new splitter accessories, allows for 52 fixtures per junction box in a single run, a 100% increase in loading. This slashes installation labor costs.

Deliveries beginning late Q1 in North America and late Q2 in EU/UK.

To learn more about the Life², click here.