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From manufacturing plants to warehouses and distribution centers, industrial facilities are always striving to do more with less, and that means working smarter, not harder. Current’s approach to energy and business productivity helps industrial facilities rethink operations at every level. Now that’s an industrial revolution.




Building Intelligent Industrial Environments
Watch this video for an introduction to how Current is enabling intelligent industrial environments with an innovative combination of LED lighting, sensors and controls, energy management applications, and an open architecture that allows our clients to complete their IoT journey.


Start with the right light

The path to productivity starts with the right light. Longer-lasting and energy efficient LED fixtures can dramatically reduce lighting energy use in your industrial facility – upward of 50 percent. It’s why many customers have already replaced their old lamps, and why many more are specifying LED for all new construction.


longer life achieved with industrial LED vs. traditional lighting

Take control

Adding wireless controls to each LED fixture can keep your operation running (and thinking) one step ahead.

Incredible energy savings can come from simply turning off lights when they aren’t needed or optimizing light levels to suit the needs of the workspace. Improving systemwide control over your lighting is the best way to ensure that energy demands are reduced as much as possible.

Smart solutions like Daintree’s wireless lighting controls have been proven to lower electricity use in buildings by as much as 20 percent on top of the savings already seen with LED.

In the past, these solutions were limited by cost, complexity and applicability, but new capabilities are making lighting controls newly compelling to commercial property owners.

Future-proof your facility

LED lights with onboard sensors can take your industrial operation to new levels of efficiency. Quickly locate assets on a digital representation of your factory floor, improve warehouse pick operations by analyzing material handling heat maps or monitor fleet utilization at a glance.

Intelligent light fixtures can monitor the environment for temperature, humidity, occupancy, positioning and more to show you a holistic view of the facility, how the space is being used and where energy is wasted.

For plant operators, it can mean more confident decision-making enabled by a wireless data network that can be easily expanded to meet future needs.

We keep automakers rolling

The automotive sector boasts some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities, so it’s no surprise these forward-thinking companies have also outpaced industry on LED lighting and controls adoption.

Positioning their plants and processes as best-in-class is an illuminating path many smart factories are following, and now, Current is helping some of the biggest brands drive their ambitions forward.

How we make it happen

  • Current’s Albeo® brand industrial luminaires are an environmentally friendly lighting solution that deliver huge long-term energy savings – and can be integrated with intelligent endpoints to get more out of your ceiling.

  • Controls platforms go beyond standard on/off cycling. Fixture-by-fixture lighting controls allow your facility to grow and change with you. Easily reconfigure lighting zones, schedules and light levels without complex and costly rewiring projects.

  • Sensors, motion detectors, Wi-Fi®-enabled monitoring, energy load controls and more can be installed in LED fixtures and other hardware to collect valuable data about your operation.

Enhanced by Partnerships

We partner with vendors and developers on software applications that use our data for everything from asset tracking to equipment maintenance.


We are always looking for ways to leverage reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions, and Current is helping us take those efforts further.


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