What's the Cost of Entry for a Lighting Upgrade?

LED installations are becoming increasingly more affordable. To make them even more attainable, we’re working with customers on unique financing solutions—from funding models that allow customers to pay for our solutions through the energy savings they realize to the competitive advantage we bring customers by drawing on other GE businesses to exchange knowledge, technology and tools.


Opportunities for savings and efficiencies grow even bigger with intelligent LEDs, which connect the physical world and the digital world. Smart solutions can now use lighting’s infrastructure as a conduit to Big Data to reduce overall infrastructure costs, including energy savings not only through lighting but also HVAC and through employee productivity savings through use of our partner applications.


From our advanced hardware to our sophisticated software, security, privacy, networking, applications and analytics capabilities, Current, is uniquely situated to be a trusted provider of the open Industrial Internet platform. We’re helping our customers see lighting in a whole new light, so they can use it in better, more effective and efficient ways.