What You Need To Know About LED Wizard 8



As one of only two LED signage lighting manufacturers with products listed in LED Wizard 8, Current has put together three informative, in-depth training videos to walk you through a variety of the new and improved tools featured in the software. Led by our experts Mark Mikulka (Signage Solution Engineer) and George Thrush (Signage Lighting Designer), these videos include step-by-step instructions and live demonstrations to give you a better understanding of what’s new in LED Wizard 8.


Video #1: PowerFlow


This video features instruction and tips on:

  • The basics of PowerFlow
  • Density guidelines
  • The importance of artwork organization
  • What’s new with LED Wizard 8
    • Added time scaling feature
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Freehand tools
    • Possible issues and how to troubleshoot them
  • Populating channel letters with LED’s




Video #2: Importing Artwork


This video includes information on:

  • Importing custom artwork into LED Wizard
    • How to create a lighting layout with custom artwork
  • Preferred file formats for importing custom artwork
  • Data tools, such as vector editing tools and scaling
  • Differentiating between grouping and combining, ungrouping vs. breaking into loops
  • How to populate designs and scale them by item.




Video #3: Custom Title Blocks


In this video you will learn:

  • The basic steps of creating and designing a title block:
    • What a title block is
    • Where to save the file and file navigation
    • How to create boarders and a content box
  • Drop-down menu navigation
  • Template creation




If you have any questions about LED Wizard 8, get in touch: tetra.support@gecurrent.com