[On-Demand Webinar] Rollback Your Energy: Join Walmart and Key Suppliers as they Discuss Sustainable Retail Value Chains

Join the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Walmart, Current and key suppliers for a conversation about sustainable consumer brands and retail value chains.


Consumers are willing to spend more for sustainable brands. In fact, three out of four Millennials and 66% of consumers overall report willingness to pay for more sustainable goods, according to a 2015 Nielsen poll of 30,000 consumers in 60 countries. Increasingly, consumers want to feel what they’re buying reflects their personal values. Retailers and retail brands, big and small, are acting to create more sustainable supply chains, which will not only improve consumer trust but also the bottom line.


Join speakers, Graziella Siciliano, Sr. Manager Carbon and Energy at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Joby Carlson, Director Global Sustainability at Walmart, Charles Zimmerman, former Vice President at Walmart and Rudy Calderon, General Manager of Industrial Accounts at Current, for our webinar “Rollback Your Energy”. You’ll discover the impact of the industrial world on global climate change, successful strategies for executing a sustainability strategy, about Walmart’s Project Gigaton and why suppliers should be involved, why energy efficiency is a good jumping off point and how to get started.