[On-Demand Webinar] Digital Technology Meets the World’s Largest LED Installation

Join Current for an information-rich webinar to explore the potential of intelligent environments. We’ll look at one example taking shape in the real world at JPMorgan Chase & Co. through the deployment of LED lighting and controls, networked sensors and energy management software.



  • Intelligent environments: What are they and how can they help organizations future-proof their business?
  • The largest deployment of an intelligent environment solution at nearly 4,500 bank branches
  • Solutions deployed at JPMorgan Chase to drive energy efficiency and productivity (energy management and digital technologies)
  • New installation complements JPMorgan Chase’s commitment to sustainability initiatives
  • Projected results in total energy consumption, greenhouse gas reductions, water consumption


Featured Speakers:


Bruce Stewart


Bruce elevates Current’s product portfolio, which includes advanced energy technologies like LED and solar with networked sensors and software to make commercial buildings and industrial facilities more energy efficient and productive. Before joining Current, Bruce created an energy services business that grew from a start-up into a multi-billion dollar business.



Mike Norton


Michael Norton is the Global Head of Property Management for JPMorgan Chase, and is responsible for managing the firm's property and facilities management activities with over 7,400 properties worldwide. Prior to joining JPMorgan Chase, Norton was the Global Head of Property Management and Operations for Tishman Speyer, one of the leading owners, developers and operators of first-class real estate in the world. Under his leadership, the firm became one of the top-tier operators globally. Prior to this, he has held numerous assignments and billets over a 30 year career with a primary focus on air defense and air command and control.

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