[On-Demand Webinar] Beyond Smart Lighting

When the Internet of Things (IoT) unfurled a few years ago, the existential purpose of streetlights changed forever. No longer just a light, street lights became the realistic solution to capture ubiquitous data for the birth of smart cities. Let’s consider the evolution of city streetlights and the innovations enabling them to become smarter.


Join Current for an exciting webinar that discusses:

  • How “Smart Lighting” has advanced beyond what most think of when they hear that phrase
  • How cities are re-purposing its existing street lighting infrastructure into an IoT Platform
  • The benefits of a street lighting pole enabled IoT Platform … from helping citizens find parking spots to helping police detect and respond to gun violence, to helping food trucks find customers, smart city leaders can now enjoy cost avoidance, economic growth, and enhanced citizen quality of life.

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