Tech Giant Takes Steps Towards the Intelligent Office Saving 70% on Energy with Wireless Lighting Controls

One of Silicon Valley’s biggest success stories has offices all over the world to keep up with its rapidly growing workforce. This company takes the concept of sustainability very seriously, has aggressive goals to reduce their carbon footprint and is committed to creating comfortable workplaces for employees.



The tech giant wanted better control of its lighting and plug loads to improve efficiency and provide employees with a more comfortable and productive environment, while adhering 100 percent to a strict corporate network security policy. 




The company decided to deploy a wireless sensor-enabled network that includes Daintree controls and occupancy sensors from Current. This solution includes dual daylighting control zones to deliver better employee comfort and energy savings, as well as personal lighting controls that employees can adjust to their individual preferences and the task at hand. The occupancy sensors save energy by turning lights on or off based on space usage, and dynamic plug load control saves energy when electronic devices are not required. In addition, the company leverages the system’s AutoDR capabilities, which automatically complies with utility demand response events to save money by programming lower energy use when peak pricing is in effect.




As of February 2017, 40 buildings, including new construction and retrofits as well as parking lots have been outfitted with the solution. The controls, plus the use of LED fixtures have saved the company 70 percent on energy costs. And the increased productivity gained from more comfortable employees is positively impacting the bottom line.


Since the sensor-enabled network is an open, future-proof solution that uses a ZigBee mesh network (the leading standard for wireless building controls), it offers the flexibility to easily add a variety of fixtures and sensors over time. With the ability to collect and analyze data, the solution can scale to include new and exciting applications from Current's partners, such as Teem or iOffice, that optimize space planning and enhance usage of common areas to create an intelligent and efficient work place. 


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