Spots Available for Upcoming Courses at The Institute

Expand your lighting knowledge at The Institute at Nela Park. Seats are still available for upcoming classes including:


Fundamentals of Lighting - Our most popular course designed for newcomers to the lighting industry, Fundamentals of Lighting always attracts a diverse group of aspiring lighting professionals.


Intermediate Lighting - Intermediate Lighting is offered as a continuation of the Fundamentals of Lighting course. The agenda includes some new topics of interest to lighting practitioners as well as more in-depth coverage of topics introduced in the Fundamentals class. This course will advance people along to the path to becoming “lighting experts” with particular emphasis on knowledge required to excel in this new world of LEDs.


*NEW* Basics of Controls - Lighting constitutes a significant percentage of the operational impact on buildings and sites, while at the same time having a substantial effect on occupants’ comfort, safety, and productivity. Based on the latest IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) guidelines as well as recent code & legislative changes, this course will evaluate applicable lighting solutions utilizing controls.



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