Partner Profile: VoicePark

Enhancing Parking Flow in Cities.


Voicepark Partners with Current

Using real-time data, VoicePark's algorithms reduce drivers' on-street parking search times by 85%.


Who is VoicePark?


VoicePark is an integrative multi-feed platform providing motorists and autonomous vehicles with precise guidance to the closest available on-street or off-street parking spot in real-time; and providing back-end behavioral analytics & management tools supporting multi-objective, sustainable optimization of all transportation resources.


VoicePark + Current


As the pioneer of real-time on-street parking way-finding, VoicePark's mission has been to change the nature of the urban parking experience. Together with Current's CityIQ intelligent nodes, we are doing that by making reliable, real-time on-street parking data an everyday global reality. Integrating with Current will benefit not only drivers, but will also benefit partnering intelligent cities' economic and environmental ecosystems.


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