Partner Profile: Vidsys

Converged Security + Information Management = Situation Management Simplified


Vidsys Partners with Current

Vidsys correlates data from any physical security system, sensor, and networked management application to empower decision-makers with actionable intelligence in real time.


Who is Vidsys?


Data and increased connectivity enables cities to transform the way we live, work, and interact with one another. By integrating multiple information sources and communication technology, as well as Internet of Technology (IoT) solutions, cities can improve the efficiency of transportation systems, hospitals, law enforcement, power plants, and more. Vidsys' Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) platform makes this possible by combining and correlating multiple data streams to provide holistic and actionable intelligence about city assets and environments - making cities smarter and safer.


Using IoT applications that seamlessly connect complex systems, Visdys can increase situational awareness, operational effectiveness, and efficiency. Vidsys provides seamless data visualization, comprehensive big data analytics, and business intelligence dashboards.


Vidsys + Current


Sensor data from CityIQ intelligent nodes on street light poles will be integrated into the Vidsys platform and displayed through a unified dashboard with an easy-to-use interface. Through a custom API-enabled platform, Vidsys software provides integration with security sensors and IoT devices, and supports the actionable intelligence and data correlation that powers the solution. It also supports third party systems such as building management systems, traffic management systems, and other sensors and applications.


An important benefit of this joint solution is increased safety. The pedestrian, traffic, and parking planning metadata exposed by Current's smart city sensor network enables improved situational awareness for Vidsys' CSIM solutions. This means that creating a risk management and public safety platform is essential to building a city-wide digital infrastructure.


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