Partner Profile: Teem

Partnership Puts an End to Empty Meeting Rooms.


Teem Partners with Current


Teem’s meeting room management and analytics software uses occupancy information from intelligent fixtures from Current, to automatically cancel meeting room reservations when no one is in attendance.


Who is Teem?

Teem is a cloud-based software and analytics platform for meeting management and analysis that helps companies maximize their workspace and enable their employees to work more efficiently. The platform provides employee-focused meeting tools and activity-driven insights, including eye-catching conference room displays, streamlined visitor management and detailed space use analytics that drive better decisions on space and facilities utilization. Teem is a privately held company based in Salt Lake City, UT, founded in 2014.


Teem + Current


Teem's meeting space management solutions are enhanced by Current’s Intelligent Environment platform through occupancy data. Occupancy data further removes friction surrounding meeting culture by enabling automated management of room reservations and enhancing the space utilization data that powers Teem’s analytics platform. This results in doubling the utilization of meeting rooms and generating significant operational savings for your real estate portfolio and workforce.


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