Partner Profile: Streetline

streetline and current partner profile

Streetline empowers cities to manage parking assets and provide the best parking experience for drivers, merchants and solution providers. Cities can achieve higher turnover in downtown city streets and parking garages, more parking availability in downtown, and less time and headaches for drivers.


Who is Streetline?

Streetline is the leader in the Smart Parking industry and has amassed 10 years of expertise and experience in providing fully integrated end-to-end Smart Parking solutions. Streetline offers a comprehensive software and services portfolio that enables them to serve as gatekeepers of real-time, on-street parking data for the smart city and transportation solutions market. Founded in 2006, Streetline is headquartered in San Mateo.


Streetline + Current

Streetline is working with Current’s CityIQ IoT platform to absorb multiple data types, including parking, traffic and pedestrian data to report the occupancy status and availability of parking spaces. Streetline integrates the vehicle location detected from CityIQ nodes and translates that into parking space occupancy for each parking space covered. This data is pushed into solutions that benefit cities, merchants, drivers, and parking enforcement departments. Cities that use this service will see increased parking turnover and merchant revenue, decreased traffic from fewer users circling to find parking, and better data to support policy decisions from the city.”