Partner Profile: SmartCiti

SmartCiti Services 5G small cell smart pole for a complete smart city solution.

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5G small cell smart pole with solutions to monetize and lower the cost of deployment. Digitial Signage for advertising revenue, revenue generating uses of data and the financing structure to enable deployments with ZERO capital outlay.


SmartCiti Services enables urban centers globally to deploy smart city technologies for life improving services of its citizens. As urban centers grow by 3 million inhabitants every week and mega-cities form, smart city projects and initiatives are now a necessity. SmartCiti Services is unique in its 5G small cell densification solution coupled with smart city centric hardware/software with the integration services needed in today's world which demands inter-operability. Smart City Capital specializes in financing smart city projects and monetizing data.


Current’s CityIQ historical and near real-time traffic, pedestrian, parking, public safety and environmental data will be consumed by SmartCiti geospatial data presentation dashboard which resides on MS Azure and provide its users asset management of pole components, video analytics, customized 3D report rendering and data analytics. Data is only of value when it can be used to provide insights and solve real challenges. SmartCiti software enables CityIQ metadata to be ingested and reviewed through the industry's number one analytics engine.


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