Partner Profile: SmartAppCity

Real-Time Information and Open Data to Serve City Citizens.


SmartAppCity Partners with Current


Who is SmartAppCity?


SmartAppCity brings together all the city services and information in one single app. Examples of the data provided by the app are: arrival information on public transportation, traffic cameras, alerts, municipal news and events, open pharmacies, gas stations prices, tourist information and routes, city street guide, shopping, weather forecast, radars, public Wi-Fi zones, parks, free parking spots, environmental parameters, local emojis. The app is addressed to citizens and tourists of a city. Under a public-private partnership (PPP) framework, the municipality shows its open data to serve the citizens, and the city shops and businesses offer their products and services.


SmartAppCity + Current


The inclusion of ubiquitous real-time data streamed from the lighting infrastructure enabled by Current’s CityIQ intelligent nodes allow more transparency to the municipality and more awareness of consumption and energy efficiency to the citizens. SmartAppCity expands its portfolio of modules inside its municipal apps with all the data coming from Current’s nodes. Expose real-time traffic, parking, images and video data from Current to citizens and city administrators via a city portal.


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