Partner Profile: Smarking

Business Intelligence Software for Parking Assets.


Smarking Partners with Current


Who is Smarking?


Smarking is a software company based in San Francisco, CA that specializes in working with parking data. By aggregating and mining transaction level data from parking systems: smart meters, gate arms, pay stations, mobile payments and others, Smarking provides owners and managers of parking assets with holistic business intelligence software designed to optimize the pricing, inventory allocation, and management of parking assets.


Smarking + Current


Parking is a crucial element of urban mobility and by incorporating the ubiquitous parking data from the lighting infrastructure enabled by Current's CityIQ intelligent nodes, Smarking can begin to paint a complete picture of when and how people live and move in our growing urban environments. Current and Smarking plan to use data to anticipate when and where demand for parking will be highest and where there will be availability in order to route cars directly to their true destination: a parking space.


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