Partner Profile: Signal360

Place-Based Engagement and Analytics through Localization.


Signal360 Partners with Current


Who is Signal360?


Signal360 (formerly Sonic Notify) is a pioneer & leader in place-based engagement and analytics, empowering our clients to communicate with their customers in contextually relevant ways or collect valuable analytics, based on their physical location. The Signal360 complete platform includes hardware, software, integrated content creation, targeting, CRM connection, business analytics, retargeting tools, installation & maintenance and more. Our proprietary beacons reach over 90% of smartphones & tablets in any state. Through our patented inaudible audio technology, Signal360 is the only company in the industry able to reach smartphones that have Bluetooth turned either on or off. The Signal360 solution can also be installed on top of existing hardware and is frequently implemented where a previous beacon hardware provider has failed to perform.


Signal360 + Current


The Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology provided by Current allows Signal360 to detect the precise location of the user and connects their coordinate position to the most meaningful marketing message based on the specific individual’s user data and past location data. Further, Current’s environmental data—such as temperature or occupancy data-can be incorporated into marketing decisions to further optimize marketing notifications.