Partner Profile: ScreenCloud

Simple Digital Signage for Any Screen.


Screencloud partners with Current

ScreenCloud is super simple cloud-based digital signage platform for easily displaying content on any screen.


Who is ScreenCloud?


ScreenCloud is helping businesses realize the potential of screens. We are on a mission to make dumb screens smart, and to take digital signage away from the IT department, handing it over to marketing, where it belongs. The incumbent businesses in the digital signage industry primarily make money from selling proprietary hardware. We no longer think that this is the most important factor. We believe that as consumer hardware is now of commercial grade it is more important that customers get to use fantastic software at affordable prices and that our attention shifts towards compelling content and away from the big black boxes showing it. This is what ScreenCloud is all about.


ScreenCloud + Current


ScreenCloud will incorporate environmental data from Current’s intelligent infrastructure to enable enterprises to collate accurate occupancy data within their business environments. Having accurate occupancy data will enable programatic content feed to digital signage solutions that adjusts according to how long people are likely to be watching. This data is also useful for analytics and potentially for measuring the effectiveness of digital signage marketing campaigns.


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