Partner Profile: Rifiniti

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Rifiniti partners with Current


Who is Rifiniti?


Businesses grow when employees are engaged, work, and collaborate in spaces that meet their evolving needs. To enable real estate leaders to optimize their offi­ce space and maximize employee productivity, Rifiniti Optimo monitors millions of square feet around the world every day, providing granular analytics on a range of key performance indicators (KPIs). Companies employ Optimo Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to measure space utilization, employee mobility and total cost of occupancy at any scale: region, city, campus, building, floor, room or department. Rifiniti’s sophisticated data science and machine-learning algorithms are what distinguish reliable results from manual, error-prone data crunching. By processing data readily available from existing infrastructure, Optimo uncovers the rich insights customers need to surface strategic and operational opportunities.


Rifiniti + Current


Organizations are increasingly capitalizing on analytics to gain a competitive advantage. By optimizing the assignment and usage of valuable resources such as workstations and conference rooms, companies of all sizes can save substantial time and money while maximizing employee productivity. Together with Current, Rifiniti can take workplace analytics and resource scheduling to a new level. By combining the powerful insights and flexibility of Rifiniti Optimo analytics with data from Current’s leading intelligent sensor network, the two companies enable customers to maximize resource efficiency while increasing employee satisfaction through personalized services.


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