Partner Profile: PTV Group

We Digitize and Optimize Mobility Worldwide


PTV Group partners with current


Who is PTV Group?


PTV Group plans and optimizes everything that moves people and goods worldwide – be it transport routes, distribution structures, or private and public transport - all integrated, and in real-time. They provide software, data, content, consulting and research, while sharing a passion for shaping sustainable, future-proof mobility. PTV Group produce valuable synergies as a result of exceptional expertise in logistics and transport planning - a highly beneficial and unique trait.


PTV Group + Current


PTV Group’s real-time traffic management solutions optimized with Current’s CityIQ intelligent node sensor data, has enabled PTV Group to address traffic challenges more quickly, cost effectively, and across broader segments of any city. This means that traffic challenges can be managed not only for motorized traffic, but also for pedestrian, bicycle and other modes of transport. This partnership with Current, enables PTV Group to focus on providing transportation solutions that are more efficient, sustainable and forward-thinking.


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