Partner Profile: Plexure

Who is Plexure?


Plexure is an IoT platform that provides IoT driven solutions for personalization for CRM programs anywhere a transaction is completed. Plexure analyzes multiple contextual data inputs (proximity, weather, Sports schedules etc) combines with the in-store purchases to personalize  messaging and offers to individual customers. Plexure analyzes real-time purchase transactions, weather data and current location to tailor messaging to individual customers; combines POS data, machine learning and weather data to create loyalty programs; and combining beacons, push messaging and customer purchase data, to uplift in-store engagement and impulse purchase.


Plexure + Current


Plexure takes in Current’s Indoor Positioning System (IPS) data to provide targeted marketing experiences for shoppers in real time. By combining this data with POS data and other sources, Plexure can optimize customer engagement at every stage of the lifecycle, from activation to experience to retention. Current's IPS mobile data will enable physical guidance to products, delivery of promotional opportunities and recommendations, and improved customer service and relevant messaging. For the retailer, this means improved customer service, increased basket size, and improved shopper loyalty.


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