Partner Profile: OpenDataSoft

Creating the Open and Intelligent City System.


OpenDataSoft partners with Current


Who is OpenDataSoft?


The OpenDataSoft platform is the only solution of its kind that allows for the publication, sharing, and reuse of structured data. It is capable of processing real-time data from Smart City sensors and connected objects, and allowing the data to be visualized and reused with ease. Finally, you can create a collaborative Smart City ecosystem. Empower developers to create new high-value services and applications around the data with advanced APIs. Allow community activists to gain actionable insights and help drive an informed decision-making process.


OpenDataSoft + Current


The OpenDataSoft and Current, partnership will allow for data-driven decision making like never before. Intelligent and real-time urban data coming from lighting infrastructure enabled by Current’s CityIQ intelligent nodes will be exposed by the OpenDataSoft platform. This will unleash citizens potential by facilitating collaborative processes across community members of all backgrounds and levels of technical skills with data that are accessible and understandable to all. In building such participatory ecosystems in cities, urban development projects will have a greater chance of success.


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