Partner Profile: NoTraffic

Paving The Way To A Safe & Efficient Connected Era


NoTraffic city freeway image

Traffic management platform integrating V2X, cloud software, traffic sensors, and AI optimization that’s connected to the traffic signal for real time execution.


Who is NoTraffic:

NoTraffic is paving the way to a safe & efficient connected era by establishing a communication channel between road users and road infrastructure (V2I / V2X). Our system is based on a smart network of plug and play AI sensors that can transform every signalized intersection to a smart one.


NoTraffic provides all the necessary tools for cities to manage traffic flow in real-time and connect transportation policy to action on the road - all without the need to replace existing traffic signal equipment. The system autonomously optimizes traffic signal timing based on DOT preferences in order to maximize traffic flow, prioritize different types of vehicles, and reduce congestion and accidents.


NoTraffic + Current:

Current, provides high resolution data about activity across a city. In partnership with NoTraffic, that data can now be used to deliver outcomes at the street level in real time. This closes the loop between analysis and execution helping transportation officials both understand and respond to live traffic conditions.


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