Partner Profile: Nologis

Connect the Digital to the Physical.


Nologis partners with Current


Who is Nologis?


Nologis is a B2B2C company specialized on interactions between the digital and physical world expanding the user experience to new stages of engagement. Experts in hyper-local digital interaction in physical environments, including Indoor positioning, proximity, advanced analytics and other areas focused on the user context. The core of Nologis is formed by an outstanding and skilled team which endeavor everyday to provide the best experiences to the user when he is visiting a venue. Our powerful technology and platform delivers a whole set of advanced tools enabling the company to create, edit and style its map data allowing their customers to easily identify and locate what they need.


Nologis + Current


The Nologis and Current partnership will boost the way organizations interact with their customers so they can reach new levels of engagement. By incorporating Indoor Positioning data from Current into Nologis’s solution, venues will be able to offer indoor location as well as other contextual services and timely information to their customers. This partnership will provide venue owners unprecedented contextual analytics so they can learn from their customer's behavior and how they interact with the venue. Changes based on this learning will ensure users have the best experience when visiting a shopping center, supermarket, hospital, museum, or an airport: they will be able to get the right information when they need it most.


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