Partner Profile: MapsPeople

Maps People


Partner Profile: MapsPeople


MapsIndoors is digital indoor wayfinding for large venues built on Google Maps.



Who is MapsPeople?



MapsPeople is the leading provider of indoor navigation built with Google Maps. Their core solution, MapsIndoors, is a searchable and interactive indoor wayfinding platform that can be utilized for large scale venues or events to make navigating the great indoors easier, stress free and more efficient. Founded originally in 1897 as traditional map design company, MapsPeople has evolved into a full scale digital provider of the next generation of indoor wayfinding. 



MapsPeople + Current



MapsIndoors will integrate Current’s indoor positioning data​ to provide users with indoor positioning and wayfinding at large indoor venues such as shopping centers, airports, universities and many more. With its ability to seamlessly provide outdoors to indoors navigation, MapsIndoors will leverage positional data from Current's "blue dot" to provide users with easier product searches in stores to turn by turn directions and navigation. This partnership will provide users ​with easier product search and shopping via realtime turn-by-turn indoor navigation​.



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