Partner Profile: M911

M911 - The Future of Safety


M911 partners with Current

M911 and Current, aim to create smarter and safer cities.


Who is M911?


In a world with self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and consumer drones, limitations with today's 911 technologies don't match modern expectations. M911 has tackled the outdated 911 processes of capturing caller location, media transmission and caller identity by creating a dynamic mobile application and first responder portal. We are bridging the capability gaps between public safety officials and civilians during emergency calls.


M911 instantly provides public safety officials with the identity, indoor and outdoor location, photos, audio and live video streams of 911 callers.


M911 + Current


The joint solution of M911 and Current, brings outdated first responder technologies to modern standards.  The M911 First Responder Portal displays real-time images, audio, videos and location data retrieved from CityIQ's intelligent nodes on streetlights during 911 calls to improve situational awareness, enabling public safety officials to locate 911 callers with greater precision, confidence and speed.


Additionally, M911 will use the intelligent node location data to annotate areas of interest in images and videos retrieved during 911 calls to speed up first responder engagement time when searching for 911 callers in a specific location.


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