Partner Profile: IPgallery

Holistic City Services and Citizen Applications.


IPgallery partners with Current


IPgallery’s Services and Applications combined with Current's microservices improve overall city efficiency and enhances citizens’ well-being during daily and crises experiences.


Who is IPgallery?


IPgallery offers a wide portfolio of smart lifesaving city services with citybots for cities, governments, and CSPs. Solutions are IoT-based, leveraging new cloud and network topologies, and enabling to monetize all IP networks and data-centers. IPgallery delivers holistic yet modular integrative solutions that are highly-available, scalable, efficient, and allow growth of new business models.


IPgallery + Current


IPgallery's solution collects, converges, and processes real-time IoT data streams from a ubiquitous infrastructure enabled by Current’s CityIQ intelligent nodes. Together we empower cities to become smarter, safer, resilient and efficient, to better serve citizens and to enhance civic engagement. The inclusion of intelligent street-level data provided by Current, allows for the delivery of holistic safe and smart city solutions during daily and emergency situations, enhancing the city's overall operations as well as improving citizen-centric services via resilient city, smart city, public safety, pedestrian safety, public health, citizen engagement, connected cars, parking, traffic, smart transportation services and applications, as well as big data analytics, reporting, and chatbot-based sentiment analysis enhancing overall city services and urban planning.


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