Partner Profile: Instapio

Connecting Physical and Digital Data.


Instapio partners with current


Who is Instapio?


Instapio is an ambient intelligence engine combining location, digital, and sensory data to create smart environments. The company serves as a full stack platform that includes data collection, context based rule engine, and bot engine to communicate with third party services. The technology serves to build environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence and habits of people and is used in security, marketing, operational efficiency and automation areas. Instapio is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA with overseas development and support office in Istanbul serving EMEA region. The company has operations in 3 continents and used by 8 global Fortune 500 companies.


Instapio + Current


Instapio and Current are collaborating under Intelligent Environments umbrella to leverage sensory intelligence to location intelligence. This will enable the creation of optimized environments according to people preferences by seamlessly combining data with real time insight. Current’s sensory data will be consumed by Instapio's engine to combine how people and assets are behaving with environment information. This will empower people with digital environments to be aware of their presence and adaptive to their needs. Merging of all available sensory information will enable faster and more comprehensive decision making.


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