Partner Profile: iMirror

Bring E-Commerce into the Real World. 

Bring E-Commerce into the Real World.




Who is iMirror?



The iMirror is the world's most advanced interactive mirror - helping retail connect with consumers in the fitting room - where buying decisions are made. Gathering large amounts of never before captured eCommerce-like data, shows over 2/3rds of people who visit a fitting room with an interactive mirror interact with branded content and product information, with an average lift in basket size of 46 percent and early signals that show increased conversions in iMirror vs traditional fitting rooms as high as 10%.



iMirror + Current



By partnering with Current, the iMirror will be able to provide more valuable business insights than ever before. This includes insights into customer shopping patterns and behaviors, employee productivity and responsiveness, and product value and desirability, all in real time. 




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