Partner Profile: iConnect

The Smart POS for Multi-Unit Brands.


iconnect partners with current


Who is iConnect?


iConnect is a cloud-based Point of Sale application that runs on Apple and Android devices. It was designed to help single and multi-location businesses sell more and better connect with their loyal customers. iConnect offers a beautiful front end experience with sophisticated back office marketing and management tools. The company’s passion is to empower growing businesses with simple, beautiful software. iConnect POS puts cloud POS in the hands of local and national businesses everywhere, so that owners can sell more and focus on other areas of business and life


iConnect + Current


iConnect will combine iConnect’s POS data with Current’s indoor positioning data to create a fuller picture of the consumer’s brick and mortar journey. Current’s positional data shows how shoppers move through the store, where they travel, and how long they dwell in certain sections. This can then be tracked against buying behaviors. These data analytics give a better understanding of shopper behavior and allow the shopper experience to be improved. Data could help retailers understand what the shopper looked at but didn’t buy, impact of in-store promotional efforts, cross-selling and planogramming, opportunity for real-time marketing engagement or omni-channel follow up.


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