Partner Profile: DeepVu

Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Optimization. 

Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Optimization.


Massive amounts of historic Supply Chain data from Current customers, augmented with external signals like commodity pricing and weather data can be harnessed in real-time with DeepVu's Artificial Intelligence engine to optimize a company's operations.



Who is DeepVu?



DeepVu is the first cloud-based solution for optimizing supply chains using Artificial Intelligence. Founded by an experienced business team in Silicon Valley, DeepVu recruited researchers in Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chain Optimization from around the world, trained it's deep learning engine for five years, and launched solutions for Supply Chain optimization in Summer 2016. Based in Berkeley California, DeepVu has already secured relationships with Fortune 100 companies in Food Production, Packaged Goods, Automotive, and Consumer Electronics. 



DeepVu + Current



The partnership between DeepVu and Current provide solutions to both the industrial and retail industries. To create the optimized factory, DeepVu’s solution leverages Current’s data streams augmented with Commodities data in DeepVu’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform. This platform analyses market signals impacting demand (such as commodities, weather etc). This additional data allows DeepVu to forecast demand for specific products by city or location in order to enable customers to optimize inventory and minimize production/logistics costs. In retail environments, DeepVu’s supply-chain-graph data platform integrated with Current’s positioning and environmental data delivers AI powered real-time decisions such as scheduling logistics and stock replenishment aiding in decision intelligence. 




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